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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 13, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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us take bets tonight, shall we? let's see if democrats are going to apply the same standards for impeachment that they applied to president trump to kamala harris and joe one week from today, want to take bets? let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is standing by. >> laura: i'm glad the democrats now support these big, tall fences and walls. >> sean: they built a wall now! i thought walls didn't work. >> laura: they are fine with barriers, they think we should all be respectful to police which we've always believed, they are against all this political violence which we've always been against. i guess they are catching up, but it took all summer long and all that violence to yon their way through that but suddenly we are supposed to take them all at their word. it's a complete travesty what happened today and i'm going to rip it apart right now. >> sean: it was a typical day
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for democrats in washington, that's how i look at it. let's see if they apply their standards to kamala harris, if they don't there might be republicans who do. >> laura: fantastic show, great to see you tonight. this is "the ingraham angle," as she makes a leadership play, liz cheney's impeachment pushes winning plaudits from democrats and the media, republicans should start asking themselves why that is, we are going to have more on that in a moment. also, the vehementlytly anti-trp lincoln project has an issue within their own leadership, of their founders, thatabout one journalist is here with the details. aoc and her colleagues suffer from a huge disconnect while hollywood turns on the council culture? raymond arroyo explains it all in seen and unseen. but first, impeaching america.
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that's the focus of tonight's angle. the grandstanding today at the u.s. house, it was really hard to stomach and i hope you didn't waste one minute of your precious time watching. it was just another political exercise in futility conducted by self-righteous, out of touch blowhards. >> he has been the orchestrator of this attack. >> he is unfit to hold office. >> racist in chief. >> they have stoked the fires and handed the gasoline the donald trump. >> it was a grotesque of deadly white supremacists. >> impeaching the white supremacist in chief. >> laura: i thought it was like watching at one point maybe a baltimore city council meeting, that's how impressive it was glen mitch mcconnell
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has already announced he's not reconvening the senate before the biden inauguration, so this is being done for what purpose? trump will be out of office, presumably living in florida and chuck schumer will be convening impeachment hearings or working with mcconnell to do that? is that white people voted for biden? as i said watching this today, it seems like there's a bunch of teenagers on social media too much and they were spewing any hashtag they could get their hands on. is this the u.s. congress? incompetent fools who don't know how to fix what ails us as a nation. at a time 140 million americans are out of work, when thousands are still dying daily with covid come home and small business owners are living in despair about losing their life's work
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and when vaccine distribution is appallingly slow in large parts of america, most of the democrat run cities, democrats are wasting precious time on a moot exercise. the fact is most of these people, they can't quit trump. without him around, we'll see just how little they have to offer america, starting with nancy pelosi. >> last year we watched as the other side delayed covid relief for months to inflict maximum pain and a sway the outcome of the election. the speaker said as much. in these last two days, we have seen just how fast they can move when they want to exact political retribution on their opponents. >> laura: i never heard of that congressman before but that was exactly right. when they want to move, when they want to do something if they think it will help them politically or satisfy the squad, they are lickety-split,
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this political gamesmanship will continue until the swing voters who supported democrats will say we are not taking it anymore. states like new york, illinois, california, they will be shining examples of success. instead you have only decades of failed leadership on everything from education, the handling of covid, crime, poverty, and housing. shootings in new york nearly doubled, murders spiked by 20% and burglary rose by 40% last year, los angeles enacted a $150 million cut to its police as the murder rate increased by 20%. philadelphia boasts the second highest murder rate in the country and portland has the most homicides in three decades. there are 20,000 homeless people in new york, the highest in history despite more than $350 million spent on efforts to solve the problem annually. instead of reacting to the latest episode of trump
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derangement syndrome including this impeachment obsession, we conservatives need to point that out more clearly and simply need to start modeling what works. what works? florida works, it's open, you should go there and visit, thanks to republican leadership and texas works, you should visit there, thanks to republican leadership. south dakota works, i think they have the lowest on employment rate in the country -- again because of republican leadership. meanwhile because he still can't get his people vaccinated, residents are fleeing the state -- new york governor andrew cuomo's focus is broadway. >> we cannot wait until summer to turn the lights back on for the arts and provide a living wage for artists. if we will not let the curtain fall on their careers or on the future of our cities.
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>> laura: give the man another award, what an embarrassment! new yorkers escape while you still can, do you now get why they can't talk about all their successes? they have to stay on trump. i think a lot of people thought that if they voted for biden, maybe they would never have to hear about trump again, a lot of the swing voters and suburban women, now we see with false advertising -- trump is all the democrats in the media have, they don't want to talk about anything else -- not really. conservatives have the power of ideas and policies at work, we saw that at work at least during the first three years of the trump administration, it would've been another banner year. finally, consider the contrast between two stories from this week during the siege of the capital was criminal and despicable and deeply disturbing but no serious person believes it was in any way representative or desired by that 74 million
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americans voted for trump. although the timing was later than it should have been, president trump again called for calm and peace today. violence was never what america first was all about. as awful as it was, there was zero chance of the capital thugs were going to take over the government and everyone knows that. here is another story that hasn't gotten that much attention. we found out this week barbara boxer a california senator for 24 years is now lobbying for our most dangerous adversary. yes, communist china. the press largely yawned about that because from their perspective taking money from president xi is no big deal. it's a huge story and shows china's influence in the grip on washington, why should the ccp take this country seriously when they think they can buy off our leaders are people who just left
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office? the word treason has been shown around very casually since the first russia collusion investigation, total defamation of course, but what is closer to sedition? working for china to lobby the u.s. government, or attending a trump rally? republicans on capitol hill need to do a better job of making these points. they have to stop being intimidated by democratic hyperbole and start showing everyone they can beat the democrats without trump. right now, there are a lot of republicans who although disappointed and sickened by the capitol hill event are also disgusted by republicans like mitt romney who seems to work harder to defeat trump than he ever did in 2012 to defeat obama. a lot of americans now see this obsession with impeaching trump for what it is. it's a brazen move to impeach the americans who support his
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policy. if republicans want those people to have more confidence in the g.o.p., they need to show that they have a path to victory in 2022 and beyond. without trump, yes, they will have to do that. and that is the angle. joining us now is ben domenech and mike huckabee, then, you say if you're an elected republican who supports impeachment, your support and ripping the g.o.p. apart, explain. >> i think you saw that today. liz cheney was such a persuasive force suspected to be greeted as a liberator in this effort of regime change that she brought along i think about four other republicans who haven't already announced they were for this. it's a 197-10 split and it's really putting the finger in the eye of all of these republican voters who came out and back to
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the president, voters who represented a completely diverse coalition. 75 million americans who backed the president and you're telling them effectively, cnn is right about you, jake tapper is right about you, all of these people who said that you were racist idiots and the like, they were right about you. when you're going along with this joke of an impeachment with no process, no research, no evidence, it's one of these things where i think you are insulting the very voters you need in order to build a coalition that can move forward from this. i just think this is a situation where any politician looking at this has to understand, they are not rejecting the president, he is leaving office in a couple of days. they are rejecting the voters who supported him and that is something that is totally antithetical to what they ought to do as leaders. >> laura: most of these people, i don't know who voted for impeachment of the republicans but they represented a very small percentage of the republican party today.
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they have a lot of corporate money behind them, do they not? the defense establishment, big corporations that find them to be more respectable at least for now. do they have any real influence going forward on this party? >> i hope not. i think what they showed today was they have more in common with steny hoyer and nancy pelosi. this was such a circus today, i thought the ringling brothers was out of business but apparently they are back because all three rings were operating. you see this kind of political event, you are reminded of the old adage that everything that needs to be said has been said but not everybody has said it yet. hours and hours of people getting up and saying the same things, it was just sad. the biggest tragedy of it is there is no due process for the president. ted bundy and jeffrey dahmer were given more basic due process rights than president trump today.
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when you go straight to the verdict and the sentencing without any of the evidence, what you are ending up doing, that's the logic of lynching. that's what this was today, lynching of donald trump. >> laura: you mentioned a moment ago, tonight on cnn jake tapper made this shameful comment, watch. >> he lost his legs fighting for democracy abroad, i don't know about his commitment to adhere in the united states. >> laura: tonight he doubled down in his comments saying yes, i question the commitment to democracy if anyone whose predilection lies. how is this rhetoric acceptable? imagine if republicans said anything like that let's say about tammy duckworth. >> what to expect at this point from cnn's most special flower who will call into your direct messages and complain whenever
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you insult his honor? jake tapper has made a joke of himself and a lot of people can understand at this point he's not to be taken seriously when he holds his relationship with veterans forward in order to defend himself in situations like this where his partisanship creeps through. it's insulting, it's offensive, what to expect at this point? it's absolutely laughable and at least we can be grateful that in the next couple of weeks, we won't have to see them regularly in airports across america as they shut that network down. >> laura: i want to just mention mitch mcconnell for a moment. i guess he could have tried to reconvene the senate before inauguration, it's so ridiculous but he's not doing that. if there is still some sense that he could be tried after he leaves office, do you see that in the way, shape, or form
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happening and why on earth would mitch mcconnell even entertain that given the absurd and embarrassing spectacle today on capitol hill. >> i can't imagine mitt romney is not persuasive to mitch mcconnell to get him to do something so idiotic and dumb. maybe he's going to tee it up so chuck schumer can do it and i'm watching chuck schumer and every time i see him come i think of grandpa monster from the old tv series. if there ever was a guy who's going to be coming back from the dead to show us what he is god, it's going to be chuck schumer pushing this stuff. the constitutional scholars, not the partisans but i'm talking about people who don't even like trump. jonathan turley, alan dershowitz, constitutional lawyers who take that seriously and all of them say that there is no basis to try a private citizen and that's what they would be doing from the moment donald trump leaves office.
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>> laura: this is the whole point of my angle, they are impeaching america, they hit the trump agenda and liz cheney does as well, she doesn't agree with most of the trump agenda, immigration, trade, foreign policy, but this is all they have. if they had the answers, california and new york and illinois would be shining examples of prosperity, would they not? great on the vaccine rollout and great in handling covid, each state and it's only a disaster, close it out quickly. >> laura: you have to understand what is happening right now isn't happening because the regime feels powerful, their octogenarians what not telling it to the end, trying to hold onto power as they see a ocs rise in the way to prevent that from happening is to be the most anti-trump happening who could possibly exist. once he's gone, they're going to miss him because he protected
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them from aggressive backlash they would get otherwise for how much they failed the american people. >> laura: they think the republican party is divided, wait until they get going. the left has found a new hero, of course republican conference chair liz cheney. >> people like liz cheney come out as strongly as she did, that is a strong signal. >> that is not some irresponsible new member of the congress of the united states. this is the daughter of the former republican whip and former vice president of the united states of america. she knows of what she speaks. >> what she is doing is incredibly courageous. >> laura: joining me now as congressman matt rosendale, one of the first republicans to demand that liz cheney stepped down from her leadership position. you are a freshman lawmaker and you're taking on one of the most powerful political families of
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the last three decades? some would say that is courageous. >> i made promises that the people of montana that i was going to represent them and do the work and i was not going to pay any mind to the power and influence that was traveling around us that we all know, this is a swamp. there's a lot of outside influences and a lot of pressure put on all of us and we have to make sure that we are doing what is right. liz cheney in a unilateral decision to support this impeachment without consulting the conference and it was a large mistake. she presented that argument in such a fashion that the democrats were able to use her own words all day long to go ahead and pursue this impeachment of the president. she ignored the intent of the rules of our conference and weakened the conference at a critical time when we are facing
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a lot of challenges. and it was only to pursue personal, political gain. because of those reasons, i do not feel that she is eligible to be representing us as the third most powerful republican in the conference. >> laura: today she responded to calls for her to resign from that position, saying i'm not going anywhere -- this is a boat of conscience. it's one where there are different views in our conference and tonight she said i think it would be wrong to think about this decision to vote in the context of politics. impeachment is political, impeachment itself is political when there -- when there is no evidence. zero evidence. >> this is all about politics, you hit the nail right on the head, she is able to vote for conscience and i don't have any problem with that but when she held herself out and put the documents into the record as the conference chair, what she was doing was using her position to
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try to pursue this impeachment and to empower the democrats again to gain her own political -- >> laura: i have a question for you, you're a freshman congressman -- just got it in. do you think the republican party should leave the populist conservative america first position and move back to the bush-cheney position of internationalism and wars and first choice or preemption? >> and shipping our jobs overseas? i don't think so. there was 196 other members of the republican caucus that agreed with me today. they are going to make sure that we can continue to pursue an agenda that is going to put american jobs first, america's economy first, america's health first. we were discovered that we were bringing all of our medical supplies in from overseas
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whether it's india or china, we are bringing those things back. >> laura: we have to roll but we salute you and voting your conscience and speaking your conscience, thanks so much. as they call trump republicans seditious, we have an update on the real truth -- don't go away.
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>> laura: after resisting trump's calls for the national guard last summer come the left is now fine with militarizing every aspect of the people's house. a fox news reporting that officials will increase the numbers of national guard members deployed in washington from 15,000 to 20,000 on wednesday, about three times the number of u.s. troops currently deployed to iraq and afghanistan combined. join me now, general, i saw this and i keep hearing them from people trying to drive to your offices on capitol hill, you never see anything like it, not at any inauguration, not at any time in our nation's capital
7:27 pm
except 9/11. is this necessary? >> it's absolutely -- i think it's a travesty, it's politicizing the military more than any i've ever seen. i know there's been a lot of discussion about the president politicizing the military but when you have a capital filled with 20,000 troops in anticipation, i'm not sure what they are anticipating. the hordes coming across the potomac river, i'm not sure why this is necessary. i think for the most part it's done for show and that is the great travesty here of this episode. >> laura: the pictures of our troops on the floor because there has been so much violence committed by trump supporter's over the past five years? these criminals that did what they did last wednesday but what had happened at the hundreds of
7:28 pm
trump events and rallies before. to me, this -- it seems to me to be a very disturbing message to send both to the military and to the rest of the world that this is how we live in fear. >> the fact that you have video showing this massive troops in washington, d.c., really i think shows poorly for the incoming administration. it says that they are afraid of the american people. as you point out, it really wasn't the masses that came to washington, d.c., on january 6 that caused the problem, it was a few provocateurs, which happens nearly every time you have one of these gatherings, whether it's on the right or the left. you have people there that want
7:29 pm
to cause chaos and violence. and the reaction that we are saying is that rather than focusing on the people who caused harm and did bad things, we are going to focus on half the population and station troops in the nation's capital and say don't you dare come. >> laura: i would call them more than provocateurs, i think these are criminals and they sat back unfairly the trump legacy, there is no doubt about it. they did an enormous damage to the country. the idea that this is just the way it has to be now to me seems -- i wonder if they're ever going to open up the capital again. i see people using this as an excuse to keep it closed. i think republicans should resist that, general spalding thank you so much. within the last 24 hours, the left has made it clear they will try to destroy their political
7:30 pm
opponents by labeling them as white supremacists, domestic terrorists and last night with no evidence, aoc launched this accusation about the riots against her republican colleagues. >> i myself did not even feel safe going to that extraction point because there were qanon and white supremacists sympathizers and white supremacist members of congress in that extraction point to i know and who i felt would disclose my location. >> laura: but those defamatory and disgusting accusations didn't stop there, democrats also alleged when republicans helped plan the attack in some kind of premeditated fashion. >> first coming to the capital that i saw on january 5th, a sub reconnaissance for the next day. i'm going to see they are held
7:31 pm
accountable. >> we had people on the inside lining to hurt the very people they are working with who actually sought to hurt us, you planned it. >> laura: joined me now is laura logan, host of lara logan no agenda, i would like to say this is reprehensible, but nowhere near strong enough. >> it isn't anywhere near strong enough, isn't it a conspiracy theory what's on the other side? it would just be dismissed as a conspiracy and he would be told that you were crazy if you are talking about it, right? when you have no evidence of any of this. i'm always conscious of what we don't know because there's a lot of questions about exactly what happened at the capital. what i do see is these are people who have no interest in letting go of power, they have no interest in compromising with the other side, they have no interest in toning anything down -- what they are doing as they seem to be playing for
7:32 pm
absolute power. that sends a troubling message to millions of people who don't see the world the way they do. >> laura: a soon to be advisor to joe biden made a comment today on the house floor, watch. >> some of my colleagues, some of which may well be coconspirators suggested we should punish trump for his actions in order to unify the country, that is the climax of foolishness. >> laura: criminalizing political differences to disagree with him, is now to be a coconspirator. he didn't say murder or manslaughter or domestic terrorism but he might as well have. >> that's right, if you listen to what aoc said, she said white supremacists around her and white supremacists sympathizers. now if you are at a rally of
7:33 pm
50,000 people and there are 20 white supremacists there, does that make you sympathize. this is an extension to what we've seen for the past four years with a criminal justice system is wielded as a weapon against people. there was no accountability at all for anything that happened and the irony here is that you had a real seditious conspiracy that was carried out against donald trump and his administration, even before he got into office and for the entire time that he was in office. unfortunately, there has been nothing out of the justice department and there is no deterrent now because many people who were involved in that, who were guilty of being in a real conspiracy to undermine the constitution and the government, they got away with it, they acted with impunity and they are about to have real power, control of the house, control of the senate and the reticence that was shown on behalf of the justice department
7:34 pm
and the last few years, i wouldn't expect to see that going forward. retribution and vengeance is all over social media, it's all over the media itself, it's all over capitol hill today and when they have the power to use the criminal justice system to exact retribution -- look out. they've already laid the groundwork, there's a move to have a new war on terror, this one is a domestic one against your own people looking inward spirit anyone who is a trump supporter and his wife and if you own a gun, you're on the top of the list. what they don't want to talk about, the fact that more than 70% of this country today is still white, you're talking about an awful lot of people who are accused of being terrorists just for their political views. >> laura: their goal is not i don't think family, it's not to
7:35 pm
enhance this idea of racial harmony, is to divide the country. if people are divided and angry, they aren't necessarily focused on how bad their policies are and getting their vaccines out in new york or california et cetera. we are going to be on this and i know you will be as well, thank you so much. some famous actors are coming out against the cancel culture and there are new calls now to remove the president from a classic film. raymond arroyo has all the details seenee and unseen next. . here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! oh! (announcer) for those also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death.
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>> laura: it's time for the seen and unseen segment, for that we turn to fox news contributor and analyst raymond arroyo. we showed a bit of alexandria ocasio-cortez sharing her concerns over the capital riots but there was more. >> in an instagram live, she got very emotional as she recounted sheltering at the capital last
7:41 pm
week. >> many of us nearly and narrowly escaped death and also extremely traumatizing and what was also traumatizing was how unsettling that day was, and the aftermath of this there have been a lot of counselors and physicians in the house. >> those counselors were brought in to help house members cope with the trauma they endured which is a good thing. where were those counselors or this emotive aoc passion when americans across the country were dealing with their own trauma? in neighborhoods and businesses with school stations and homes that were looted and firebombed last year, what about this trauma? [bleep] mother [bleep]
7:42 pm
[shouting] [bleep] >> there was little sympathy for calls for security for those people, some of those neighborhoods were still boarded up and this is my problem with all of this, the violence over the summer and the senti for riots, they were attacks on democracy too, assaults on law and order as well but it only mattered when the violence reached the house and wells. it's all destructive, it's all a threat to our system, they should have condemned it then. if this isn't the first insurrection, we sought for the good part of the year and no one said anything. >> laura: when kids are traumatized whose parents are driven out of public places, or neighborhoods, elderly people are scared because they see what's going on in the street or they are told to get up out of their bed or they are racist, to
7:43 pm
their emotions ever count? to their feelings ever matter? is it only when it ends up piercing the capital which we said was despicable, maybe they will have a little more emotion and concern for their fellow americans going forward. >> this grievance, this hatred, it's now transformed into this cancel culture and that is spreading faster than frankly the flu this season apparently and not only the president's business is being affected but some of his supporters are losing jobs and contracts as well. now some big name actors are raising their voices to oppose this new reign of terror. this is after bryan cranston. >> we live in this cancel culture of people doing wrong either on purpose or by accident.
7:44 pm
is it possible that forgiveness plays a part of that and they are welcomed back in as opposed to creating more fences? you make one mistake, gone. >> like a number of comedians we've heard from in recent days, the men delorean star gina carano and others, these artists are concerned, rowan atkinson recently said we now have a digital equivalent of a medieval mob roaming the streets looking for someone to burn, and good for these artists for speaking out, it's divisive and destructive to a society and it's not a lot of fun. >> laura: the cancel chorus is calling for this 1992 movie moment. >> excuse me, where's the lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. >> there are calls online to digitally remove donald trump from that film and make him go
7:45 pm
home alone too. after macaulay culkin has lent his voice to canceling trump, some have restarted a petition to replace his head with joe biden, but biden would know where the lobby is, that could be a problem. >> laura: they are so sad we don't even quite know what to say. >> stalin would erase the picture of people. >> laura: this is all they have, tearing down statues, tearing down the street names, it's a constant grievance and a censorship and rewriting history approach to the world and i don't think it's going to work. thank you so much. the vehemently anti-trump lincoln project, filled with a number of fairly prominent grifters might have a thorny association on their hands. a journalist who has uncovered some scandalous details
7:46 pm
regarding one of the founders tells us what it is, stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: now that the trump gravy train has run out of steam, the lincoln project is running out of ways to siphon
7:51 pm
money from suckers, they are detailing roles in the administration and track where they are now, they will be held accountable. since the lincoln project believes everyone should be held accountable, how about we look under their hood? we have shocking claims involving the groups cofounder, john weaver. he was once described in a political profile is one of america's most celebrated political consultants with charm that is undeniable. my next guest says he uses that charm in a predatory manner. he says that dozens of young men have come forward accusing weaver of everything from vulgar messages to demanding sex. this is something you've been researching for several months now. these are allegations, we can't
7:52 pm
pass judgment on them but how did they come to light? >> john weaver follow me on twitter over the summer which was i thought it odd considering i was a supporter of the president but i didn't make much of it and over the day, several young men reached out to me to warn me that he approached them after following them saying to them that he could offer them career advice, jobs, internships or just leverage and politics if they wanted to work in it and suddenly switched the conversation to a manner asking them what their preferences were, their body types were, how their body was in kind of a disgusting matter. i pursued the story for several months and young men didn't want to come up and have retribution of john weaver and the lincoln project so they wouldn't come forward and i need at least one person on the record. over the weekend i tweeted this story was out there that a member of the lincoln project was approaching young men for
7:53 pm
sex in exchange for work and young men started coming forward on their own very briefly. since the weekend, dozens of young men have come out publicly on their own social media accounts same john weaver approached them or message me privately saying john weaver approached them and in a sexual matter. >> laura: we reached out to the lincoln project and weaver himself but neither got back to us but both may be seeing the writing on the wall, here's what the founder page said earlier this week. and now weaver is mysteriously gone. missing. is this a not-so-subtle admission that weaver has become an issue? >> i reached out to the lincoln project, john weaver blocked me on twitter when i put the accusation out there. i reached out, a young man by
7:54 pm
the name of garrett herron wrote an open letter to the lincoln project, another young man told me he approached last year several lincoln project members telling them what was going on with john weaver and they said nothing about it. i have these messages and i haven't released the most embarrassing messages but it's not the question of whether he did this, the question remains who in the lincoln project know he was doing this, doing this under their name and doing this to be predatory. >> laura: especially when they are moralizing against others including president trump, we'll stay on this -- thank you. love . they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa.
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>> no true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence. if no true supporter of mine
8:00 pm
could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great american flag. no true supporter of mine could ever threaten or harass their fellow americans. if you do any of these things, you are not supporting our movement, you are attacking it, and you are attacking our country. we cannot tolerate it. >> laura: that's one of the best things the president has said and over two months, that's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take it all from here. >> shannon: an important message, we will have more on that coming up. thank you so much. tonight, 6700 armed national guard troops are on guard of the nation's capital, thousands more on the way for inauguration day, the president tonight denouncing violence and calling his supporters to respect the law. he has now been impeached twice, this time in less than a full day. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell


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